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Please feel free to contact us. Questions, comments, suggestions, and case requests are all more than welcome. We will also try our best with any technical questions as well as data analysis. Any information provided, e-mails, and calls, will all be kept completely confidential unless otherwise requested.

Case Inquiry

Sometimes the unknown can be a little too much, and you might need help tackling the situation. We can help. We’ve assisted numerous clients with their own homes or businesses that may be experience paranormal phenomena. This is a service we provide completely confidential and free of charge. Our investigation process begins with you – if you need help, please fill out our Client  Assistance Request to get started. 

Public Inquiry

Looking for a paranormal investigation team to attend your next event? Transcend Paranormal has both hosted and lectured on various topics regarding the paranormal, including tech demos, public investigations, and more. Contact us below if you’d like us to join you at your next event, conference, radio show, podcast, TV show, and more!

Phone Number (Calls and Texting available): (804) 537-0456